SLP  New versions of all products online!

SLP  New versions of all products online!

As of today (February 27, 2022) the new versions of our products are online. Aside from some under-the-hood tweaks, we’re excited to announce the new “Mono L16” option for SessionLinkPRO | Recording and SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing.

With “Mono L16”, SessionLinkPRO | Recording and SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing now offer the option of unencoded 16-bit PCM transmission in mono in addition to the well proven transmission with the OPUS codec.

At SessionLinkPRO | Recording, the maximum stereo bit rate in OPUS mode has been increased to 510 kbit/s.

In addition, we have accelerated the program start in SessionLinkPRO | Video, SessionLinkPRO | Conferening and SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing by improving the initialization of the video devices.

We have optimized the handling of disconnections for all products.

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