Monthly Archives: March 2018

SLP  Updates for all products online

Today, we have released updated versions for all products. Besides some changes under the hood, we’ve added some new features:

All products:
A new button is available to toggle IPv6 support. This was necessary to prevent connection issues with IPv6 tunneling on a couple of routers. IPv6 tunneling may lead to major connection issues resulting in heavy drop outs and glitches.

SessionLinkPRO | Recording / SessionLinkPRO | Conferencing:
You now have acces to a connection log. The connection log keeps track of connect and disconnect events and can be used to determine a session length. For increased privacy, the log is stored on the local computer only and will be deleted on log out or when the browser is closed.

SessionLinkPRO | Recording:
We’ve added an audio test loop to check the selected audio input and output devices.

On the guest side, it’s now possible to choose and test audio input and output devices before starting the session.