SessionLinkPRO | Commenting

What is SessionLinkPRO | Commenting?

SessionLinkPRO | Commenting is a browser based professional remote commentary solution specifically designed for radio and TV broadcasters. As all SessionLinkPRO products, it works through broadband internet connections with a Chromium based browser like Chromium, Google Chrome, Opera or Microsoft Edge (new generation).

SessionLinkPRO | Commenting offers live remote commenting for up to 2 commentators in studio quality at lowest possible latencies. Separate channels for program audio and communication as well as video transmission enable workflows similar to those in the commentary booth.


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SessionLinkPRO | Commenting (Host)

How does it work?

Straight forward webRTC technology and the high quality OPUS codec ensure low latency and full band audio encoding. Automatic NAT traversal guarantees a working connection in almost any given network.

The user interface is clean and intuitive. Everything is set up by the host. The guests receive an invitation via email – the guest link or “session link”. Open it in the browser and… That’s it!

SessionLinkPRO | Commenting (Commentator)

There’s more!

SessionLinkPRO | Commenting offers separated program audio and communication channels with individual mute buttons, along with multiple audio inputs and outputs and the most flexible audio routing options of all SessionLinkPRO products.

It is our first product with the new dark theme, advanced transmission settings and configurable key commands.

Apart from the production video, it also includes optional transmission of the commentators’ cams to facilitate communication.



Chromium based browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera, MS Edge) on OSX, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS

HQ Audio

OPUS codec with up to 256 kbit/s mono or 384 kbit/s stereo with very low latency

2 Commentators

separated channels for 2 commentators

Program / Communication

separted program audio and communication channels

Flexible Audio Routing

highly customizable routing for sources and sinks

Push-to-Talk / Push-to-Mute

configurable push-to-talk or push-to-mute


stream the production video to the guests


built-in chat function

Auto NAT Traversal

works in almost any network environment

Free Guest Links

invite guests via email, directly from the user interface – address book included

Full Control

preset and monitor channel and bitrate setup for guests

Secure Communication

encrypted communication through HTTPS and DTLS

High Availability

completely independent backup system

Free Network Listing

with the purchase of a subscription

Simple Pricing Model

subscribe for 1, 6 or 12 month with all functions included

Direct Online Payment

automated subscription system: create or extend an account and start working in only a few minutes

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