Our Products

Far end recording through your web browser

Bi-directional audio transmission in studio quality with very low latency

Realtime streaming of production video

Stream the production video in high quality and in sync with this add-on for SessionLinkPRO's far end recording solution

HQ audio/video conferencing

Let your clients join and direct recording sessions from remote locations with hq audio and optional video

Recent News

SLP  RELEASE: SessionLinkPRO | Commenting

We are happy to announce the release of our brand new product SessionLinkPRO | Commenting. SessionLinkPRO | Commenting is our browser based professional remote commentary solution specifically designed for radio and TV broadcasters. It offers live remote commenting for up to 2 commentators in studio quality at lowest possible latencies. Separate channels for program audio

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SLP  Update: SSO login & Speaker dimming for Dubbing

With the latest updates, SSO login has been integrated for all products and a speaker dimming function has been added to SessionLinKPRO | Dubbing! SSO login It is now possible to log in to all of our products using a SAML based SSO authentication flow. The authentication flow should work with all major SSO Identity

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SLP  New product online: SessionLinkPRO | Podcasting

Our latest product SessionLinkPRO | Podcasting is now available! We took the feedback from many customers and put in into the development of an application specifically tailored for remote podcast recording. SessionLinkPRO | Podcasting enables easy recording of up to 4 participants (host + 3 guests) directly in the browser. A separate audio track for

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SLP  New versions of all products online!

As of today (February 27, 2022) the new versions of our products are online. Aside from some under-the-hood tweaks, we’re excited to announce the new “Mono L16” option for SessionLinkPRO | Recording and SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing.With “Mono L16”, SessionLinkPRO | Recording and SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing now offer the option of unencoded 16-bit PCM transmission in

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SLP  Update for SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing

Today we released an update for SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing. The following features have been added or changed: L/R split mode: In response to popular requests, we have added a second L/R split mode. The new option “L/R split (direct disabled)” works without a direct connection between the Actor channel and the Director channels to allow

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SLP  Upcoming Release: SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing

Official release on February 22, 2021: Our new product SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing is going public!SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing was developed in close cooperation with several dubbing studios and has been thoroughly tested since summer 2020. The range of features is based on dubbing workflows to facilitate remote dubbing sessions.The most important features: 3 simultaneous connections: 1

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