How do I get support?

SessionLinkPRO is designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. Anyway, if you encounter issues, we will do our very best to help. Please understand that we can only offer limited help on audio routing problems, as there are so many possible studio setups.

Please read the quick start guide and the FAQ before requesting email support.




SessionLinkPRO works with current versions of Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera and Yandex. However, Google Chrome is recommended because it shows the lowest CPU load with SessionLinkPRO.

By default, guest links are only valid for the lifetime of a session (while being logged in). Each login creates a new link and former links become invalid.

However, a static, permanently valid link can be activated via the account management. The corresponding option can be found under "Security settings". Once activated, you will get static links after the next product login.

If there is no input device at all: Did you allow your browser to get access to media devices on the first load of SessionLinkPRO? If not: click on the camera symbol on the right side of the address bar and allow access. Reload the page and check again.

If other devices are present but not the desired audio interface: If Pro Tools is running please skip to the corresponding FAQ topic. Otherwise you might have one of the rare interfaces that do not work with SessionLinkPRO. Get hold of a different device and try again.

Windows 10 has a new privacy setting since the April 2018 update. OS X Mojave also has this setting. It is now necessary to explicitly grant access on operating system level for some audio interfaces to work with your browser.

  • For Windows 10: Please go to system settings and select "Privacy". Choose "Microphone" from the left side and activate "Allow apps to access your microphone." on the right side.
  • For OS X Mojave: Please go to system preferences and select "Security & Privacy" -> "Privacy". Choose "Microphone" from the left side and check the check box reading "Google Chrome" (or the browser used).

If ProTools is running‚ many audio device drivers won't show up in SessionLinkPRO. Shut down ProTools if you don't really need it‚ for example when you voice a session. Restart your browser and chances are good that you can now access your audio device. If you have to integrate SessionLinkPRO with ProTools: there are a couple of tools available from the internet that allow to pass audio from ProTools to other applications and back. The open source application Soundflower for example.

SessionLinkPRO uses the system default audio output on older Chrome versions. Set the correct device in your system settings. Please consider a Chrome update to allow setting the audio output directly in Chrome.

If both, incoming and outgoing signals are affected, this will probably be a firewall issue. Please contact our support for further assistance.

If only the outgoing signal is affected, there might be a sample rate issue. Please check sample rate settings in Windows sound settings or OS X Audio-MIDI-Setup. The selected audio interface should be at 48kHz. Higher sample rates may cause a transmission issue. If necessary, change the sample rate to 48kHz for both, record and playback. In rare cases it is also necessary to choose 48kHz for all attached audio interfaces (including internal ones).

If you are using an older Chrome version‚ it is not possible to visualize an incoming stereo signal correctly. However‚ the audio signal is not affected. When you set SessionLinkPRO in stereo mode‚ it works in stereo mode! Please consider a Chrome update.

First of all‚ you need Chrome version 49 or newer. To enable the second connection field‚ please set "Send Channel Setup" to "dual mono". Now you should be able to connect to remote users.

Please note that the incoming channels als well as the outgoing channels are separated. The incoming signal from remote user 1 will arrive on the left channel and the signal from remote user 2 will arrive on the right channel. Your left signal will be send to remote user 1 and your right signal to remote user 2. Both remote users are not able to hear each other unless you set up a corresponding routing in your DAW.

Usually not! SessionLinkPRO uses automatic NAT traversal to get through most firewalls. If no direct pass-through is possible‚ our relay servers take over and make it work.

Of course you can‚ though it is recommended to use a wired connection where possible.

Absolutely! It has been tested good with 3G and 4G networks. But we don't officially recommend working with mobile data connections due to possible connection issues caused by bad signal strength‚ network interferences and similar things. You should prefer WiFi or - where available - a wired connection!

Guest links of all SessionLinkPRO products work with Chrome on Android and with Safari on iOS (Safari version 12 and up). While there is no dedicated mobile view (yet) for SessionLinkPRO | Video and SessionLinkPRO | Conferencing, we have implemented a mobile version for SessionLinkPRO | Recording.

A note on mobile use on iOS Safari: due to browser restrictions it is not possible to use external Lightning or USB devices with SessionLinkPRO products. Only the internal mic, regular headsets or XLR-to-3.5mm mini jack preamps will work.

On touchscreen devices‚ moving the desired connection to the connection field works by simply tapping on the desired connection. The session can then be initiated with the "Connect" button like normal.

You shouldn't get this error message if you are not logged in on another computer. However‚ if this happens anyway‚ you can reset your login on the "Account" page. Should this happen frequently‚ please consider changing your password!

No problem! Just go to "Account" and click on "Login". There is a link to reset your password.

With many capture devices‚ it is mandatory to match resolution and framerate of the video source and the capture device. This applies especially to all Blackmagic products.

If video source and capture device settings match and the preview still stays black‚ you are probably using an unsupported resolution and/or framerate. Supported resolutions/framerates differ on different devices. To find out the supported modes:

  • log in to SessionLinkPRO | Video or SessionLinkPRO | Conferencing
  • open an additional Chrome tab and load chrome://media-internals
  • navigate to "Video Capture"
  • find your capture device and use one of the supported resolution/framerate combinations displayed under "Formats"

Special note for Blackmagic devices: newer driver versions might not allow 1080i50 or 1080p50. If you need to use 1080i50 or 1080p50‚ please try to set your capture device to 1080i25 or 1080p25 and check if this works. You can also downgrade to an older driver version. Version 9.8 seems to work well with 1080 resolutions and also provides some more modes‚ e.g. 720p50.

First of all‚ you will need a SIP acount from a (third party) SIP provider. To call conventional phone lines / mobile phone‚ the SIP account needs PSTN access.

To set up SIP functionality‚ log in to the account section of our homepage and navigate to "SessionLinkPRO | Conferencing SIP settings". Enter the SIP credentials received from your SIP provider and save the settings. Now you should be able to activate a SIP client in SessionLinkPRO | Conferencing.

If you want to customize SessionLinkPRO | Conferencing to match your CI‚ please log in to the account section of our homepage. Here‚ you can upload a custom image‚ add a custom web link (e.g. a link to your homepage) and change the colors.