SLP  New product online: SessionLinkPRO | Podcasting

SLP  New product online: SessionLinkPRO | Podcasting

Our latest product SessionLinkPRO | Podcasting is now available!

We took the feedback from many customers and put in into the development of an application specifically tailored for remote podcast recording. SessionLinkPRO | Podcasting enables easy recording of up to 4 participants (host + 3 guests) directly in the browser. A separate audio track for each participant guarantees professional post-processing.

SessionLinkPRO | Podcasting

But of course that’s not all:

The guest page has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible and can be used with Chromium-based browsers, Firefox and Safari. Mobile use via Chrome for Android or iOS Safari is also possible.

SessionLinkPRO | Podcasting can store multiple recordings that are accessible through the built-in file browser.

The most important settings are all made by the host, so that even inexperienced guests can take part in a recording.

There are advanced routing options for professional users, with which the received signals can also be routed to separate audio outputs.

And of course, as with all SessionLinkPRO products, it also works with our usual high audio quality.

Curious? Then request a free and non-binding trial version!

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