Monthly Archives: September 2015

SLP  SessionLinkPRO | Conferencing goes public

The new SessionLinkPRO | Conferencing hits public beta test stage!

Allow up to 3 clients to join your recording sessions through the web browser – from virtually anywhere. As with all SessionLinkPRO products, Conferencing is designed to be as simple as possible without compromising functionality.

SessionLinkPRO | Conferencing features amongst others:

  • high quality audio and optional video transmissions
  • uncompromised audio stream without echo cancellation and automatic gain control
  • push-to-talk functionality to prevent echos
  • up to 4 participants (including the host)
  • client access through free guest links including built-in email function

Try it now! While in public beta, SessionLinkPRO | Conferencing is free. Log in with your SessionLinkPRO | Recording account or request a fully functional trial account.

SLP  New Backup Server online

On our chase for highest availability, we’ve installed a second, completely independent backup server at

If the main server can’t be reached, just use the backup. Though this never happened up to now…