Monthly Archives: February 2021

SLP  Upcoming Release: SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing

Official release on February 22, 2021: Our new product SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing is going public!

SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing was developed in close cooperation with several dubbing studios and has been thoroughly tested since summer 2020. The range of features is based on dubbing workflows to facilitate remote dubbing sessions.

SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing (Host)

The most important features:

  • 3 simultaneous connections: 1 dedicated recording channel and 2 channels for directors, cutters etc.
  • signal separation between recording channel and other channels
  • different mixes for different channel types in L/R split mode
  • MIDI support for MTC and MIDI controller data
  • built-in record function in PCM, 48kHz, 24bit along with timecode metadata
  • remote controlled recording via MIDI controller data
  • video support
  • compensation for audio/video offset
  • choose video and/or MIDI per channel via a matrix
  • PIN code for additional security
  • video overlay with watermark
  • network test for the guests

  • Of course, all connections made with SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing are encrypted, just like with our other products.

    SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing (Guest)