Monthly Archives: February 2022

SLP  New versions of all products online!

As of today (February 27, 2022) the new versions of our products are online. Aside from some under-the-hood tweaks, we’re excited to announce the new “Mono L16” option for SessionLinkPRO | Recording and SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing.

With “Mono L16”, SessionLinkPRO | Recording and SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing now offer the option of unencoded 16-bit PCM transmission in mono in addition to the well proven transmission with the OPUS codec.

At SessionLinkPRO | Recording, the maximum stereo bit rate in OPUS mode has been increased to 510 kbit/s.

In addition, we have accelerated the program start in SessionLinkPRO | Video, SessionLinkPRO | Conferening and SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing by improving the initialization of the video devices.

We have optimized the handling of disconnections for all products.