SLP  Update for SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing

SLP  Update for SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing

Today we released an update for SessionLinkPRO | Dubbing. The following features have been added or changed:

  • L/R split mode: In response to popular requests, we have added a second L/R split mode. The new option “L/R split (direct disabled)” works without a direct connection between the Actor channel and the Director channels to allow more flexible routings.

  • Video overlay (watermark): The position of the video overlay is now configurable. You can position the video overlay by drag&dropping it to either the top, bottom, left or right.

  • Onscreen recording light: The new onscreen recording light can be triggered via MIDI controller data.

  • Remote controlled recording: The host now determines the settings for preroll. A corresponding checkbox can be found in the “MTC / Video Matrix”. The choices on the guest side are reduced to a single “Record Control” option.

Further information can be found in the new version of our quick start guide.

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